Hello and welcome to my website.  Rawshawna is back and just as dedicated as ever to supporting you in your holistic live food lifestyle. I don’t think I’m perfectly unique but I do have a lot of education and life experience I want to share. Ultimately, I hope to hold space for you to express closer to your highest truth. To be your healthiest, most switched-on version of you. My raw and holistic health journey started almost two decades ago. I have lots of ideas and tidbits I want to share. Consider this my humble little touch of goop for the working class healthy set.

Here’s a little background and recap: I became passionate about philosophy, nutrition, and veganism around 1998 as a Kent State undergrad. In 2000, I graduated with concentrations in Sociology, Psychology, and Health and the same year was certified in Yoga Instruction. Since that time I have continued to study and deepen my holistic knowledge by earning certifications in Trance Dance Facilitator, Massage Therapy, and Colon Hydrotherapy. Furthermore, I’ve become an ordained Essene Minister and completed the graduate degree,  Spiritual Nutrition: Vegan and Live Food Mastery. After completing a 31 day Juice Feast and going 100% raw for 3 years, it was time to start a family. At this point I stepped away from leading Columbus’ raw food meetup group and offering private counseling.

We are a one parent family structure by choice. The preferred semantics are “choice parent” over “single parent”. I’m not single, there’s 3 of us in our family. We are whole and complete.

Watch for posts on Attachment Parenting, a way of relating to ones children rooted in science and peace. Minimizing, simplifying, and creating an environment that attracts spirituality into our lives. And doing the balancing act of maintaining a high-raw plant-based diet and lifestyle. It’s finally time to begin giving back again and so, here’s to siva.

Here we are: Serena (2.5) and Forrest (6 months).



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